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1952 was a different year for the Formula 1 world: the traditional race of Monaco didn’t take place. Instead, two “sport class” car races were celebrated: one category up to 2000 cc and another for higher cylinder capacities. There was a great participation: teams like Allard, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Talbot-Lago… and drivers like S. Moss, R. Parnell, P. Collins, R. Manzon…

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In this beautiful stage two Pegaso Z-102 registered by ENASA could be found. They were lightened berlinetas, standard BE 2 coachworks, with 2.8 motor with 4 carburettors. They were painted in red with yellow bonnet, featuring ventilation grilles, opening for oil placement and water wads. They had provisional registrations: B-104251 and B-104252. The cars were finished so quickly that it was impossible to make the running-in. Therefore, it was decided to take them by road from the factory in Barcelona to Monaco. Joaquin Palacio and a mechanic tested his car while Celso Fernandez did the same with the other one, though this task would be trusted to the pilot Juan Jover during the G.P.

On the racetrack, problems quickly began: the steering was too hard and the brakes didn’t respond to the intense and frequent requests. Besides, it was very hot, so it was unbearable to stay inside the berlinetas. Quickly, the Pegaso mechanics started working in the steering boxes of the cars; even having to make handmade works in the worm drive due to the lack of appropriate tools. But the problems began again during the official trainings. This time a canalization of the oil broke in both cars with the consequent cloud of smoke. Under this circumstances, the morning after, the Pegaso team would quietly head off to Spain. When he returned from Monaco, W.P. Ricart, after the lack of time and a right running-in, said the responsibles of the preparation: “my prestige can bear this little issue, but it can’t be repeated”. As a anecdote of the G.P., the pilots didn’t wear their competition helmets because they thought it wasn’t mandatory, and to fix this mistake they bought cork shalakoffs that were painted in red. Due to the heat inside the cars, the paint faded away over the pilot’s face, which produced an intense terror in the box pit, as the mechanics thought the drivers suffered some kind of unknown haemorrhage…


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