Slot Classic CJ-34

After the disaster of the II World War, Mercedes struggled to stand up again, with the strong purpose of becoming again the great brand it used to be before the conflict. Following their tradition, the best way would be winning a competition.

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At the beginning of the 50s, the confusion in the sport racing scene was still great. On one side there was the recently created Formula 1 World Championship, with a lot of changes in the rules which didn’t put things very clear, and on the other side there were the sport and endurance races where the different brands contested to win the competitions from that era: 24 hours Le Mans, Mille Miglia, Carrera Panamericana, Tourist Trophy, etc.

For the season of 1952 the Mercedes competition team started working again under the expert advise of Alfred Neubauer and they developed a closed coupe called 300 SL.

Behind its harmless coupe look there was a complex tubular chassis that forced to open the doors articulated on the roof, and a powerful and reliable engine that made him almost unbeatable at the races where he contested.

After the unexpected double in the 24 hours of Le Mans, four cars were registered in the sport race that was taking place in the Nurburgring racetrack to celebrate its 50th anniversary. To compete in this race they took the drastic decision to convert them in Spyder, with the clear aim to reduce the front area and the 100 Kgs that were saved with this operation.

The race wasn’t very complicated for the drivers from Mercedes (since the great brands like Jaguar, Ferrari or Alfa weren’t present at the event) but it showed the speed and reliability of the german cars, achieving the first four positions.

The winner was Hermann Lang with the starting number 21 and the blue triangles in the front wings. This is the version that we have chosen this time and that will be a wonderful partner for the other Mercedes made by Slot Classic so far.


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