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Of the eighty four chasis made by ENASA for the Pegaso z-102, the half (forty two) were made by Touring in Italy, eighteen by the french coachbuilder Saoutchik, four by the catalan Serra and twenty by the own ENASA factory. Of these twenty, approximately the hald were berlinetas and the rest were distributed between the spyder Rabassada, Pedralbes, Montjuich, “El Cúpula” and the two vehicles recordhunters: the known as Bisiluro o “bitorpedos”.

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The model that we have developed is the BERLINETA ENASA 2ª SERIE ESPECIAL. This unique exemplar (known as “The Crab”) was assembled in 1952, built in its totality in aluminium and was dedicated for experimental purposes, trainings of different mechanics (even 2500 cc motors with compressor) and demonstrations to the press.

Aesthetically, though derived from the Berlineta ENASA series, differs from these in a lot of details, being the most significative its wheel space in its rear side, which gives them a strange and agressive aspect.

Though its finality was of “laboratory car” this wasn’t a obstacle to the tester pilot of the Brand, Celso Fernandez, who took it to the start line in the 4.900 meters of the XIII rise in slope to the Rabassada (Barcelona, 17/05/1.953) competing with other rival vehicles like Maserati F2, Cisitalia 1.100 “monoposto”, Jaguar XK 120, Allard, besides of other Pegaso Z-102. For the occasion it was built a motor of 2447 cc, equipped with Roots compressor of low pressure. The race was a success for Pegaso because it was won by Joaquín Palacio (Pegaso Spyder SE R) with a time of 3’48” and Celso Fernandez was classified in second position, taking 3’58”4 to complete the course at a mean speed of 73.993 Km/h.

In opinion of the habitual driver of the vehicle, Celso Fernandez, “it was the best of the Pegasos Z-102 built”. A shame that a lamentable fire in December of 1953 would end with the career of the more than 100.000 Km run by this great thoroughbred…


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