Slot Classic CJ-24

This is going to be the eighth time that we repeat with the same company, our beloved and missed Pegaso, though this time we would like to pay a higher tribute to the figure than the car itself.

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Mr. Antonio Creus Rubín de Celis was one of those people that due to his passion about everything that smelled like petrol and racing, deserves all our respect and admiration. We would like to recommend you the reading of the enriching interview that Mr. Sergio Romagosa made him in the magazine Motor Clásico (Spain) issue 40, and that you can also find in

In that interview, we will meet a passionate and brave motorbike racer that made his biggest prowesses along the fifties. His infinite yearning to try new sensations made him test all the sporting possibilities available at that time in our impoverished Spain, also making international races: motorbikes, Berlinetas Enasa, Pegaso Spyder, Ferrari 750 Monza, Maserati 250 F of Formula 1, even the Thrill… Without any doubt he was a lucky person.

All these experiences shaped a person that enjoyed very much what he did. He had a big aim of knowledge and emphasis to solve the technical problems that he found, something that made him, in this time that concerns us, prepare a complete revision of the model we are presenting this time, specially of everything concerning the braking system and its refrigeration, due to a big fright that he had in a race. From then on, he modified drasticly this Spyder Touring nº SCT 0155 that he had bought to the factory and gave it that agressive and characteristic look that Slot Classic brings you this time.

I would like to thank the selfless collaboration of two good friends, Miguel Pascual Laborda, because without his help some parts of the car would be uncertain; and Diego Serrano, for the wonderful drawing of the car, of course both of them are Pegaso fans and addicted to the 98 octanes.


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