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This time, Slot Classic brings you the legendary Morgan Plus 4 SS with number-plate TOK 258. This car achieved an historical landmark winning its class of 1601 from 2000 cm3 in the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans race.

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At the end of the 1950s, the Morgans began to stand out in club competitions in England. Much of this success was due to the efforts of a great pilot-trainer named Chris Lawrence.

In 1961 Lawrence and his partner, Shepherd-Barron, entered a Plus 4 in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, he was highly criticized for it. He was even suggested that instead of racing the car should be taken directly to a Museum. This critical reception, as well as the fact that the car was not very competitive, made them give up. However, it served as a catalyst for the competitive Lawrence, who registered again in 1962, this time with the backing of Morgan.

The car was lightened with an aluminum body, whose front hood was modified with an additional air intake to accommodate the generous double carburettor fitted to the 2-liter engine from the Triumph TR. All this, together with a camshaft specially designed by Lawrence himself, gave the car no less 160 HP. of power.

To improve aerodynamics (Morgan’s weak point), Lawrence built a fiberglass hardtop, which partially solved the low top speed of the “old-fashioned MOG” on the long Hunaudières straight.

In the race they had to struggle against much more sophisticated and modern cars, but with a race without any mistakes and mechanical failures, they managed to rise to a valuable thirteenth place, and first in the 1601 to 2000 cm3 class. Internationally, Lawrence/Shepherd-Barron’s 24-hour success is undoubtedly one of Morgan’s greatest achievements in his sporting history.

We would like to thank Clifford Baker, editor of Morgan World magazine, and Rick Bourne, current owner of the TOK 258, for all the information, both graphic and technical, that they have provided us with for the construction of the 1:32 scale model.


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