Slot Classic CJ-20

After the failed attempt to enroll himself in the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1952, and already having available the beautiful and effective Spyder Touring, W. P. Ricart takes the deccision, maybe forced, to participate in the following year’s race.

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The vehicles were expressely ordered to Carrozzeía Touring to take part in that race, but several problems delayed their delivery and they arrived to Barcelona at the end of May, which supossed having less than one month to prepare them. Besides, one of the motors catched fire at the test bank, so they had to go without a third vehicle which was planned to be a suport.

At the end, the two spyders with direction on the right were enrolled, mounting the V8 motors of 2.800 cm3 equiped with Roots compressor and a Weber double carburator; four camshaft over the motor and dry housing. A real wonder for that time, but sadly all that mechanic potential made that the brake system wasn’t at the same level as the rest of the car.

The first official encounters were in the night of the Wednesday, 11th, and the Pegasos didn’t have many problems, which caused a very good impression in the specialized press because their impeccable condition, stability and specially their high top speed (more than 230 Kms/hour in the Hunaudieres’ straight.

In the second training series, in the daytime, Palacio with the number 29 had to stop in boxes to revise the brake system. Meanwhile, Jover, with the other vehicle number 28, and after overtaking a Cunninham in the boxes’ straight and start the Dunlop’s curve, came off the road spectacularly, bouncing from the left to the right; and this last side was the one in which the car embedded itself. Juan Jover, by the crash’s force, was thrown away from the car and he had multiple fractures in his left leg and head, from which he took several months to recover.

This accident and the precarious preparation of the race, motivated that W.P. Ricart announced his decission to retire from the race.

Although the results of this ephemeral and tragic race weren’t the ones which the Pegaso’s responsibles and the spanish fans desired, Slot Classic brings you the possibility to race along your slot tracks with the model that we are introducing.


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