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One of the british brands which deserves its conservatism fame is without any doubt Morgan, its actual models feature the same genuine line and classic style of the first units made in 1936. Obviously the mechanic changes that have been made through the years have adapted the performance qualities of the actual units with the competence’s sport cars, but maintaining its image from the 30’s.

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Morgan Motor Company was founded by Henry Frederic Stanley Morgan in 1910 in the small english town of Malvern Link. He started his career with the building of three-wheel vehicles equipated with motors which came of motorcycles with the JAP two-cylindric of 990 c.c. These vehicles were very popular in the 20’s, because its sport successes were well used commercially by the brand’s direction.

In 1.933 the tricycles’ market experimented a sudden fall in the sales due to the suspension of the tax relieves in Great Britain for this kind of vehicles which sank the brand in a deep financial crisis. The solution to the problems came with the decision of making four-wheel models: in 1936 the producction of the 4/4 model with motor Coventry Climax of 1122 c.c. and 34 C.V. was started. Its coach was built in wood and covered in plate (with the problems of maintenance that this implies in a clime like the British Islands). The success of this vehicle was so huge that since then to our days its production hasn’t stopped, although with different motorizations even a model for four persons to experiment all the irregularities of the road. Not even the fact that there isn’t any space for the luggage has been an impediment to continue with its production: the philosophy of the Mogs (the Morgans are already known this way) persists to the pass of time.

The model 4/4 also has an interesting list of victories that later you will able to study, and of which we highlight its participations in the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1938,1939,1952 and later in 1962 with the crowled radiator.

Henry Frederic Stanley Morgan died in 1959 and his son Peter Morgan was his successor, not only of his corporation, but also of his style and philosophy of making everything with that personality that even today we can enjoy, to which Slot Classic wants to make a small tribute reproducing this time the 4/4 model.

I admit that I am a great admirer of this brand, which united to the fact that the model hasn’t ever been reproduced before in 1:32 and motorized to run in electric tracks animated us to start the proyect of reproducing the singular model that you have now in your collection.


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