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Here is another Pegaso, and it won’t be the last. Slot Classic brings you this time the Pegaso Bisiluro or Bitorpedo in its first version (BIS E1).

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It was built in 1953, making it suitable to the technical specifications of the SPORT class present at that time, in order to have a competitive vehicle to participate in the races that W.P. Ricart had planned with the aim of publiciting the Pegaso brand.

Altough the Bitorpedo configuration wasn’t new (Piero Taruffi and Nardi had previously experienced with this system) it was indeed a good solution to build a vehicle with spectacular aerodynamics and a good weights distribution.

The most important technical innovations adapted to the new model were the vertical small wings, to get the best stability and steering of the vehicle at high speed, and the aerodynamic brakes, which operated hydraulicly to avoid forcing too much the drum brake. This last mechanis was finally dismantled due to its high weight, and to the decission of dedicating the car to record competitions.

The Bisiluro’s first appearance took place in the circuit of Monthlery in May of 1953, where Celso Fernandez and the Prince of Metternich made the first tests having in mind their expected and imminent participation in the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Its next appearance was on the 11th of September, that same year, in the road between TONA and VIC, near Barcelona, as a preparation for the speed record which they expected to establish, with official international timing, in the belgian highway of Jabecke, between Ostende y Gante.

Let’s make a special mention to the road from TONA to VIC, totally flanked with thick trees which made very difficult the high speed driving. However, Celso Fernandez achieved a top speed higher than 220 Km/hour.

When the great moment arrived at last, Pegaso moved the Bisiluro and a Spyder Touring with a 2.8 litres motor to Belgium, but the bad luck came again over the intrepid team. This time the breaking of a candle’s electrode made that they could only make one attempt with the Bisiluro, so they had to change their vehicle even though they knew that the contributions wouldn’t be the same. Amyway, they achieved to improve the records in throwing Kms and miles that Jaguar had established months before. Here are the numbers:

It isn’t very clear if the second version of the Bisiluro was a transformation of the first one or if it was built starting from the begining. What is clear is that they changed the aluminium coachwork for another one, more innovative, aerodynamic and lighter made in glass fibre, but unfortunately the proyect was discarded and later the car was made junk. A sad ending for a singular and efective vehicle, which would have surely achieved all the triumphs that his prolific designer had dreamed for it, if it had been developed in a correct way.

We have wanted to make a sincere tribute to its designer, W.P. Ricart, and to its intrepid pilot Mr. Celso Fernandez, who honours us with his friendship.


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