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Conceived as an experimental car for testing and engine development, the Pegaso Z-102 BERLINETA ENSANA SPECIAL 2 nd series, popularly known as “El Cangrejo” (The Crab), is an unique item, whose body was designed by the ENASA factory in April, 1952.

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Although it follows the aesthetics of the standard Berlineta ENASA, they differ in many details, being probably the most significant the narrower wheel arch and a much more aggressive general look. To achieve the lightest weight (a flaw of the Pegaso Z-102) it was totally made in aluminium. “The Crab” featured 2.500 and 2.800 cubic centimetres engines, occasionally wearing a low-pressure Roots compressor. It was used for experimental purposes and all kinds of tests, it covered more than 100.000 kilometers in less than one and a half year of life.

The model we are introducing is a reproduction of the car driven by Celso Fernandez in the XIII Race Climb to the Rabassada, that took place on the 17 th May, 1953. One of the most surprising facts is the car started the race with two different staring numbers, something that deserved a little explanation. At first, the race was going to take place on the 3 rd of May, having being assigned to Celso del starting number 126. However this event was cancelled by the organization due to a heavy downpour over Barcelona the morning of the race. Delayed until the 17 th , a new inscription was opened, that brought competitors, finally being assigned the starting number 84 to Celso Fernández, which the one used for the race. Featuring a 2.500 cubic centimetres engine and using a Roots compressor, elements coming from a “Bisiluro” tested by Celso Fernández the previous week in Montlhery, the “Crab” was finally classified in the sixth position, achieving the second position on the sports cars, behind Joaquín Palacio, who driving a Pegaso Spyder SE R, would get the first absolute victory for the ENASA factory.

Used for numerous tests and articles appearing on the specialized press between 1952 and 1953, “The Crab” was destroyed in an accident and later fire, in December 1953, being, in Celso Fernández’s opinion, usual driver and tester of the brand, “the best of the Pegaso Z-102 ever made”.


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