Slot Classic CJ-50

We would like to celebrate our 50 releases with this tribute to one of the landmarks of the history of automobile and speed. In 1927, Sir Henry Segrave was the first person to travel at over 200 m.p.h. on a land vehicle on Daytona Beach in Florida, USA.

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“The speed record category of car racing involves a mixture of concepts, the first and possibly the easiest to explain consists of the tireless human effort to break records and surpass previous achievements. The cult of the Goddess of Speed produced four decades of splendour (1898-1939) for this dramatic sport, which used to take place several times per year – depending on the number of contenders – with a very high rate of fatal accidents. This is the incredibly tough and competitive context in which our protagonist was born: “The Slug”.” – Luis Gutiérrez Espada, text featured in the CJ-50 box-set.

The CJ-50 box-set features:

  • Our model Sunbeam 1000 HP. For the first time ever, Slot Classic reproduces a landspeed record, this Sunbeam made in Wolverhapmton, UK.
  • The third part of the “Slot Classic Collector’s Guide”, again written by german collector Uwe Kitza, Slot Classic expert. High quality edition, with hard cover and full colour pictures.
  • A wooden deluxe plinth with a conmemorative photo-etched plaque in order to place the Sunbeam 1000 HP.
  • A colour brochure, written by spanish land-speed record expert, Luis Gutiérrez Espada, full of information and pictures.


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