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The Lancia Aurelia B-20 was the model chosen by Gianni Lancia (son of the Turinese company’s founder) to present his company to the competition world officially. He expected a great advertising and commercial power with this movement.

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The model was released at the Turín Motorshow in 1951, causing a big impact due to its bodywork (designed by Felice Mario Boano and developed by Pininfarina) and its mechanical features, very innovative at that time: 6 cylinder engine in V with light alloy (designed by the engineer Francesco de Virgilio, always under the direction of the prestigious Vittorio Jano), independent suspension, rear gearbox and drum inboard brakes at the exit of the differential.

All these features made it a very competitive machine since the beginning. Besides, it went through a lot of changes along its six production series, specially on what refers to its mechanical parts, always with engines of 6 cylinders in V, since the initial 75 CV to the 150 from the units with compressor.

This time we would like to present you the unit with chassis number 1010 and registration number VC 25466. It was made in maroon colour and was the sole representative of the Turinese company in the 24 hours of Le Mans from 1951.

The pilots who drove this unit, Lurami and Bracco, showed a great regularity and fineness racing with the adverse weather conditions under which this race took place, managing to get the first position in the class up to 2000 cc, and a very meritorious twelfth general position in the world’s most important endurance competition.

Charles Faroux, considered the worldwide motoring’s Pope at that time, said after the race that the Aurelia embodied the real spirit of Le Mans , since it was one car that could bring you gently to the Theatre and later get by with dignity at the racetrack.

This is the exact definition of what a real GT was supposed to be, since the Aurelia was the first car to be designed with this acronym.


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