Slot Classic CJ-32

Second version of our beloved Jaguar MK II, and this time we bring you a true road racing competition car.

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When on the 7th September, 1957, the seller of the Jaguar concessionaire delivered the first MK to Bernard Consten, nobody could imagine it would be the beginning of a long and successful sporting marriage.

The same year he raced in Tour Auto, with a slight car tuning. Therefore he fell through a embankment being forced to retire from the prestigious race.

Luckily, this would only be an isolated setback, as it is made clear in the following chart, where you can see the participations and positions of Consten and the MK II from ‘60 to ‘64.

Tour Auto 1º

Rallye des routes du Nord 1º
Rallye des Lions 1º
Tour de France Automobile 1º
Coupes du Salon 2º
Rallye du Cognac 1º

Rallye de Lions 3º
Rallye de Lorraine 1º
Rallye du Touquet 1º
Tour de France Automobile 1º
Rallye du Cognac 1º

Rallye de l’Ouest 1º
Rallye de Picardie 1º
Course de côte Turckheim – 3 épis 1º
Course de côte de Chamrousse 2º
Tour de France Automobile 1º

Course de côte de Chamrousse 2º
Tour de France Automobile 3º

When Consten was asked about his long affair with the Jaguar, he replied that he couldn’t remain indifferent in view of such qualities, high features, reasonable price, speed, brakes, reliability, beauty or discretion; just to round off with this sentence: “If you think my opinion is exaggerated, just tell me, can you compare it to another berlina?”.


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