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It is quite special to celebrate 20 years, so we have chosen an exceptional model for such an important anniversary, the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B in Spider version.

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With its powerful engine, independent suspension system and transanxle gearbox, the 8C 2900B is in many ways a reference for any modern sport car, featuring a classic, atractive and everlasting style.

It is believed that Alfa Romeo built at least 22 units of the 8C 2900B, probably around 30 units, most of them made by Touring from Milan. Just a few were made in Spider version.

We have chosen to reproduce the unit with chassis number #412018, among other reasons because it’s the only one whose tail lights are integrated into the bodywork, creating a marker light arrangement down the boot lid. Besides, unlike other versions of this model, the headlights are integrated into the body.

Concerning the history of this unit, little is known before the Second World War, except that it was sold from factory to a customer in Switzerland. Lately the car was bought by the young californian business magnate Tommy Lee, great collector of european cars, and carried to the USA where it was turned into some kind of local “hot rod”, borrowing an engine from an Alfa Romeo Tipo B Grand Prix. Subsequently the original motor was returned and the car sold in 1949. Throughout the last decades, the car has been in the hands of just a few owners and always kept in a very remarkable original condition.

Presently, the car is owned by Bob and Sandra Bahre in their “Barhe Car Collection” in Paris Hill, Maine, USA. It has become a regular contestant of the elegance shows from his country, being one of the few unrestored models to win these contests, for example, the “Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance” in 2002 and more recently the 2013 edition of “The Elegance At Hershey”.

We hope you enjoy our choice very much and Slot Classic keeps celebrating many more anniversaries with such unique and charming cars.


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