Slot Classic CJ-55

The amazing FIAT 1100 Sport Berlinetta, a true post-war racing classic, as it raced in the Mille Miglia back in 1953.

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Even though Fiat had produced some remarkable competition vehicles in its early years (such as the S76, SB4, as well as the whole saga from the 801 to the 806), its presence in competitions from the thirties onward was limited to private teams that raced stock units with some minor modifications.

The post-war years were difficult for every car manufacturer, due to the necessary reconstruction of the factories, the scarcity of energy and raw materials, and the economic hardships suffered by the largest share of the population. Most brands simply continued producing the same models they had offered before the war, adding a few modifications to make them seem somewhat more modern.

The racing department pulled out the old 508 C Mille Miglia and decided to update it in order to offer a competition model to the legion of private drivers taking part in the race after the large teams with their more powerful vehicles.

Post-war hardships were on the decline by 1953, and the famous Italian competition returned to its antebellum splendour. The number of participants was very impressive and included important teams such as Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, Jaguar, and Aston Martin. These powerful vehicles were to be driven across one half of Italy by the cream of international drivers: Fangio, Biondetti, Taruffi, Karl Kling, Villoresi, etc.

The latest protagonist in the Slot Classic catalogue was registered by Faustino Campostella and S. Collini. It was given #330, which indicates that it left Brescia at 3:30 AM, April 26. Almost sixteen hours later, it reached Brescia in the 180th place, and was ninth in the class up to 1100 cv, which is quite remarkable for a model that was already six years old and in fact derived from a 1938 design.

José Manuel Pérez, extract from the CJ-55 booklet.


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